The Essence of Agile: From Team to Full Stream

Thanks to Agile Denver for sponsoring this talk.

Agile at the team seems to no longer be a mystery. But Agile at Scale seems to be a mystery for many. It doesn’t have to be.

Part of the challenge is that people think of an organization as a “team-of-teams” and therefore think that team methods, such as Scrum, will work to create scale.

Unfortunately, the dynamics of teams of individuals is quite different from the dynamics of teams of teams. This is why Scrum-of-Scrums has rarely achieved Agile at scale.

However, much can be learned from how effective teams work:

  • Working in tandem
  • Continuous integration
  • Quick feedback on delivered value
  • Ability to manage based on completed code

These lessons can be used to guide Agile at scale even if different ways of managing the work must be different at scale.


5:30-6:00pm Networking & Pizza by Net Objectives
6:00-7:30pm Talk & Q&A


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Dec. 12, 2013 1:30am to 3:30am MST
Cost: Free
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