Design Patterns Thinking

Design Patterns Thinking teaches participants a style of analysis and design that facilitates Agile practices. We do this by illustrating the use of abstract coupling, patterns, testability, emergent (just-in-time) design, and emphasizing the critical qualities, principles, and practices that make flexible designs possible.

For development organizations to thrive in an Agile, iterative process that embraces change, it is critical that the systems they create are not vulnerable to changing requirements, business priorities, technologies, market pressures.

This course answers key questions in modern development. How does one design systems that have changeability as a fundamental quality? And, how can the team communicate effectively when a design is in a constant state of change?

All Net Objectives consultants have hands on practical experience with applying Lean thinking to the delivery of software technology solutions. Our approach is to show how Lean applies to an incremental realization of software features and systems and how to apply practices that improve the team’s ability to deliver.


Boxed lunches will be provided.

Room 3491 is on the 3rd floor in Microsoft building 84

For non-MS attendees;

  1. Park in visitors parking (highlighted on attached map)
  2. Come to bldg 84 lobby
  3. Get temporary badge from the Receptionist.
  4. The visitors need to be escorted to the training room, Manoj Joshi should be there to escort you

If you have trouble, you can call:
Manoj Joshi (847)867-4860 or Anton Khokhlov (425)974-5077

Also, please note there are only a few visitor parking spots out front so if they are all full you will need to park in the garage and walk around to check in with the recep at the lobby.  You will also need your license number to give the recep for your badge. 

Building 84 parking


All the Details

Public Training Course
Sep. 5, 2018 9:00am PDT to Sep. 7, 2018 5:00pm PDT
Cost: Registration Past
Microsoft Building 84
4514 154th Place NE

Redmond WA 98052 US
Questions or problems with registration or directions? Contact Mike Shalloway for assistance.
Presented By:
Net Objectives

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