Avoiding Over and Under Design

Thanks to Milwaukee Agile for sponsoring this talk at their monthly meeting in April at 5:30pm CDT.

The question of how much design to do up-front on a project is an engaging one. Too much design often results in overkill, complexity, and wasted work. Too little design results in insufficient system structures that require rework, additional complexity, and wasted effort. How can we know what the right balance is? Al Shalloway shows how to use the advice from Design Patterns coupled with the attitude of not building what you don’t need from Agile. The trick is in designing for change, not in attempting to avoid it. This enables one to avoid complexity while preparing for change. Al describes the essence of emergent design – keeping code quality code high for what is needed now and evolving it as it becomes necessary. This requires the concept of refactoring designs that were good but have now aged due to new requirements. Al concludes the talk with a demonstration of how test-first, refactoring poor code and creating designs based on code qualities are aligned with each other.

Milwaukee Agile is geared toward both experienced and brand new practitioners. The pizza is sponsored by Redpoint Technologies. Soft drinks, water, and the space are sponsored by Robert W. Baird.

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Register at the Milwaukee Agile events page. Click the page link or Register below, then click the Join and RSVP button to the right of the talk description on their page. 

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Free Event
Apr. 3, 2014 12:30am CDT
Cost: Free
Robert W Baird & Co
777 East Wisconsin Avenue

Milwaukee WI 53202 US
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Net Objectives
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