AgilePalooza 2012

AgilePaloozas are fun, low cost events that bring internationally recognized coaches and trainers into communities for a day of learning and advancing agile methods. If there are any funds left over after the event, they go directly back into the AgilePalooza program or are donated to the local agile user groups supporting AgilePalooza. These events are about serious agile learning in a fun atmosphere.

CEO and Senior Consultant Alan Shalloway will be giving a session at the Conference

11:30am - 12:15pmUsing Lean-Startup Principles to Guide All Agile AdoptionsAlan Shalloway
Over the last few years we’ve seen many Kanban and Lean principles/practices be incorporated into Agile’s foremost method – Scrum. This is not surprising given that Scrum can be considered a partial implementation of Lean principles – so adding more would make it more effective. In much the same way, the Lean-Startup movement takes Lean principles to an extreme in a particular application of Lean. By observing how the Lean-Startup exemplifies the lean principles of “deliver fast”, “continuously learn”, “optimize the whole” and “defer commitment”, one can learn more about the true essence of Lean itself. This talk shows how the attitude of the Lean-Startup can assist agile teams and organizations in discovering and delivering value to their customers, regardless of the method(s) they are using.

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Mar. 9, 2012 4:30pm CST
Cost: Single: $69.00

Buy Four Get 1 Free!: $55.20

AgilePalooza 2012
Marriott - DFW Airport
8440 Freeport Parkway
Irving TX 75063 US
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