Agile Project Management, Not The "Silver Bullet" It’s Been Made Out To Be

For the Puget Sound PMI's year-end (Q1 - 2018) Chapter Dinner Meeting, join Luniel de Beer for his Pre-dinner Keynote.

There’s been a growing trend in the industry to regard Agile project management frameworks as all you need in order to achieve business agility or agile product management. However, our experience has shown that this has been an oversimplification, and has resulted in too many responsibilities being thrust onto the Portfolio/Program/Project manager of today. People serving in these roles are being overwhelmed with what they’re being asked to do, not due to a lack of skills, but due to faulty expectations. By looking at decision-making and information flow and employing principles used in business architecture and software design, we realize that there are critical business concerns at stake that have to be attended to in order for any business to become wholly Lean and Agile. In this talk, we will introduce these principles, we’ll show what these concerns are, we’ll show how the concerns of Portfolio/Program/Project management can be addressed in a realistic and sustainable manner, and how this critical concern contributes to achieving true business and product management agility.

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Mar. 29, 2018 5:30pm to 9:00pm PDT
Cost: Non-Member: $45.00
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Hotel 116 - Coast Bellevue
625 116th Ave NE

Bellevue WA 98004 US
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