Essentials Book Series

The Essentials Book Series comprises of books written by Net Objectives consultants that detail our approach to Lean-Agile methods.

Books Relating to the Lean-Agile Roadmap

Fundamentals of Lean-Agile Software Development. This book covers the core concepts of Lean-Agile methods. It is a good fundamental book for all of the other books. However, when a chapter in this book is essential, it will be referred to in the other books so one can read this as needed.

Business Driven Software Development: Using Lean to Drive Enterprise Agility.

Lean-Agile Cross-Team Collaboration. This book describes proven methods to enable multiple teams to work together.  It presents methods much more effective than Scrum-of-Scrums by presenting an holistic paradigm and providing methods that lower the amount of collaboration required. 

Lean-Agile For Teams: Managing Kanban and Scrum Teams in Large Organizations. Classic Scrum works well at the team level.  However, in larger organizations, teams can't truly work independently of each other. This book presents second generation methods of team-Agile methods - based both on Scrum and Kanban.

Agile Design: More Important Than Ever. Design is far from dead.  Under-design can cause as much waste as over-design can.  This book presents basic Agile design methods that can efficiently produce high-level designs that lower technical debt very efficiently.

Effective Technical Agility: From Requirements to Deployment.  There are many technical practices that should be incorporated into all teams' methods.  These include Acceptance Test-Driven-Development, Test-Driven-Development and many quality practices that are useful to create high-quality code.

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Other Essentials Books

Lean-Agile Pocket Guide for Scrum Teams