Net Objectives offers training to the public.


June 2019
0900-1000 Pacific


The Six Most Important things I’ve Learned in 20 Years of Agile

Al Shalloway has been on the forefront of most Agile and Lean methods of the last 2 decades. In this webinar he shares the six most important insights he’s had over this time and how they relate to each other.

  1. How to design with patterns thinking

  2. The objective is business Agility

  3. Why the Concept of the MBI is so critical

  4. Lean-thinking (systems thinking and delays and and management)

  5. Acceptance Test-Driven Development with Behavior-Driven Development

  6. Why we need to focus on our work and not a framework

Each of these insights is critical to achieve effectiveness at any scale beyond a team. Al explains each concept  and how they work together to provide guidance on how to improve the effectiveness of your organization.


June 2019
0900-1000 Pacific


Creating the Next Paradigm Shift in IT and Product Development

Agile has been around for more than 2 decades. This is more than a lifetime in the information Agile. Dark Agile has been around for just about as long and seems to be increasing. The reason is reflected in Einstein’s observation - “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  The next paradigm is not based on Agile but on flow.


This talk discusses the main shifts required for the next wave after Agile:

  1. Focus on achieving Business Agility - the quick realization of business value predictably, sustainably and with high quality

  2. Attend to flow to achieve this

  3. Use Flow and Lean Thinking to achieve flow

  4. Focus on the work to be done, not the framework

  5. How Systems thinking, attending to complexity and the role of Lean-Management are the foundation for this


August 2019
0900-1700 Pacific
Blue Lantern Inn
Southern Orange County, CA
Super Early Bird price until June 15: $1,600

Early Bird price until July 15: $1,800
Standard price: $2,000


FLEX Workshop

FLEX is the culmination of how Net Objectives has been working on Lean-Agile at scale for well over a decade. It incorporates Flow, Lean, Systems-Thinking and Agile while driving from a business value delivery perspective. FLEX creates a framework tailored for your organization that continues to adapt as you grow. You will leave this workshop both having tailored a framework for your organization and having been given some expertise on how to go back and educate your associates. Licensing of materials is also avaialble.