Training for SAFe® Teams and Coaches

What We Offer

Scrum With Acceptance Test-Driven Development for Teams Doing SAFe®. This workshop includes the essential aspects of SAFe for Teams and a deeper dive into Acceptance Test-Driven Development than Scaled Agile Institutes' SAFe for Teams. This one course, at about the same cost, takes teams significantly further along than the other two. This can be delivered to teams with no Scrum experience or can be shortened by one day for those who are already familiar with Scrum.

Effective Agile Requirements: Acceptance Test-Driven Development with Behavior-Driven Development. This can also be taught with an added day to teach the basics of SAFe to teams. 

SAFe® For Agile Release Trains. This workshop is designed to replace Scaled Agile Institute's Lean for Teams. It can also be delivered with an integrated Train-the-Trainer section that enables your own people to provide the workshop (at half of SAI's license fees).

Coaching Academy for Large Organizations - learn how to have all of your team coaches achieve competency at one reasonable monthly cost

Scaled Learning

All of the above workshops take advantage of the latest scaled learning techniques. This enables training entire ARTs at one time - improving both retention and collaboration. 

Why Net Objectives

Net Objectives has been working on the cutting edge of Agile for 20 years. We are also contrinbutors to SAFe. We don't do "SAFe by the book" but have taken steps to extend and improve it for those who want to get the leading edge training available.

How Our Training Is Different

Our workshops take advantage of back-of-the-room and scaled learning training methods. SAFe's courses are designed for someone with just a few days of SAFe training to teach. This is fine for "by the book" type workshops, but doesn't allow for contextualizing the workshops for your needs. Mass training is mostly in the deck. Our workshops are led by extremely experienced trainers and coaches so that we may tailor the conversations to what you need.