Comparing the Advanced CSM course with our Advanced SM / Kanban program


Advanced Scrum Master Course

On-the-Job, Online Advanced Scrum Master / Kanban Coach program

Length of training

2 days

2 hours a week for 3 months. Program equivalent to a 4 day workshop in terms of scope.

Days lost for training

2 days




$100 / month for 3 months=$300

True cost

$2700-2900 (+ travel)




Scrum and Kanban

# of hours engaging with thought leader of Scrum and Kanban

Varies. Much of training time is taken up by lecture and games.

13 hours

Where the workshop takes place* 

In a classroom

On the job

Flipped classroom used?*



* Learning on the job with a flipped classroom style is what seriously differentiates the Net Objectives Advanced Scrum Master / Kanban Coach workshop from any other Agile coach course. In the Advanced Scrum Master course a student comes in and learns Advanced Scrum methods. But it’s all in a classroom and studies have shown that 90% of what is learned in a course is forgotten within 5 days.

Net Objectives course uses a flipped classroom style to enable people to learn on the job. Flipped classroom means lessons start with videos to watch and/or articles to read. Assignments are given and attempted. Then the students come back to work with the instructor to answer questions and help them solve their problems. This enables students to learn by trying and doing. It also provides times for them to learn with their peers and discuss their experiences with each other.

This is so dramatic one must ask "how is this possible?" Clearly the Net Objectives course must not be very good. But it's just the oppoosite. One of the advantages of scaled flipped classroom learning is that after the investment has been made to create it, it is both very inexpensive to put on, but is actually of higher quality because it enables people to learn in their own work environment. The instructor doesn't have to travel and can work in the live sessions during hir normal work day.  The result is a win-win for participant and provideers.

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