Coaching Academy for Large Organizations

The Net Objectives Advanced Scrum Master and Kanban Online Workshop takes individuals with some existing familiarity with Scrum and/or Agile (such as having taken a CSM class or having been doing Scrum/Agile for 6+ months) and trains them to become capable coaches for their Agile Teams. It is based on Lean thinking and therefore enables Scrum to be contexualized to the teams' situation. The Coaching Academy for Organizations is designed to help Communities of Excellence or Lean-Agile Transformation teams inside companies to elevate the level of their Scrum Masters' ability. 

The Coaching Academy is a program that enables offering the Coaching Academy to all individuals in an organization where the company hosting the academy can take on much of the coaching themselves if desired. It grows team coaches a step at a time by learning new methods and working with their team to learn how to apply them. The program be 3-6 months long depending upon the pace at which the company wants their people to go. 

The best way to train people is with what is known as a flipped classroom style approach. A "flipped classroom" is when a lesson is provided before the class, people attempt to use it, and then come to the class to discuss what they learned and what challenges they have. In other words, instead of having a lecture with an instructor and then a homework assignment where people are on their own, we "flip" the classroom and have a canned lecture/video, then have people do their assignment (working with their teams) on their own, but then use the instructor's time to discuss the results. Learning theory suggests this is the best way to learn - get information, try it, discuss the results with an expert. See How to Grow Effective Scrum Masters and Agile Team Coaches for more.

Net Objectives is now licensing our 3-6 month program for large organizations. This essentially allows you to grow as many Scrum Masters and/or Agile Team coaches as you want for a low monthly cost. Program details are::

  • The academy is designed to have participants be in two 30 minute Q&A sessions every lesson. You can provide this yourself or you can have Net Objectives provide support for as many lessons as needed.
  • Net Objectives can train your own staff to be facilitators of the academy to further reduce costs.
  • Net Objectives provides materials to be hosted by licensee with quarterly updates at no additional charge.
  • While the academy is low cost training, it is not low quality training. It takes people well beyond the Advanced CSM class in depth of Scrum, provides additional information on how teams can be supported in their work and includes concepts and practices from Kanban. Contact Mike Shalloway (see right panel) if interested.

Optional Scrum/Kanban Training

If your team coaches haven't been trained yet, but are co-located, we have a 1-day Scrum training where we can give all of the basics needed for the Academy where we train up to 200 people at one time. We can accomplish this because all of the core training of Scrum can be done through simulations and conversations.