Business Discovery in the Lean-Agile Roadmap

This section shows that part of the value stream represented in the following diagram.


Business Case for Agility. This chapter from our book Lean-Agile Software Development describes why software development should be about incremental delivery of business value instead of development iterations.

Minimum Marketable Features – MMFs Explained. Enterprise Agility is about delivering business value incrementally, not about development in iterations, although that may be a means to the desired ends.  Concept of the minimum-marketable-feature has morphed into many others – Minimum-Viable-Product (MVP), Minimum-Marketable-Release (MMR), Minimum-Viable-Feature (MVF) and perhaps even others.  Delivering value quickly is the essence of enterprise Agility.  This value may be delivering something to help us understand what our product should be, understand how to build the product, or even the product itself.


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