Extended XP Engineering Practices - Broken Tests

Extended XP engineering practices is a set of practices building on XP, but extended for teams that are part of larger organizations.  XP’s history was mostly with small teams.  As such, it should not be surprising that many of its practices are oriented around the dynamics of small teams.  Given that we’re interested in engineering practices for the Scaled Agile Framework, it behooves us to look at XP practices at a larger scale. The table below shows the XP Engineering Practices and their extensions in larger settings.  We also have found that in larger projects the variation possible is also larger and therefore a more powerful analysis method called Commonality-Variability-Analysis is presented.

Extended XP Engineering PracticesContinuous IntegrationTest-First DevelopmentCollective OwnershipEmergent DesignAgile AnalysisXP InspiredScalability RequiredDBT
Table 1: Extended XP Engineering Practices in a Nutshell

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