Agile Design and Effective Technical Agility: From Requirements to Deployment

This is the forerunner to our book in the Enterprise Agility Roadmap Essentials Series.

There are many practices that have been discovered to be incredibly valuable to Agile software development teams.  This page details many of these.

It is ironic that at the beginning of this century Scrum and eXtreme Programming (XP) competed for mindshare of Agil teams.  In many ways Scrum won because it was easier to start with - XP takes a serious commitment to implement, particularly pair-programming and continuous integration.  However, the lack of technical practices by many Scrum teams led to serious techncial debt challenges.  It is good that most Scrum consultants suggest the adoption of XP-stype technical practices.  However, Agile technical practices have moved well beyond what was known over a decade ago when XP was created.  This page includes many XP practices but presents other, more mature, practices that have been developed since XP.  Some of these practices have also resulted from Agile going beyond the team scope that XP was designed for.

Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)

ATDD is still one of the best technical trim-tabs we've found. We've written several articles and produced several webinars on it.  Here are a few:

Emergent Design

Emergent design is the practice of evolving code based on incremental learning.  It is an integration of the thought process of design patterns, test-driven development, acceptance test-driven development and refactoring.

Essential Skills for the Agile Developer

Essential Skills for the Agile Developer: A Guide to Better Programming and Design. The book title says it all. Take link to get much of book online.

Software Development Competencies

See our Technical Development Resources.  In particular, our Roadmap to Lean-Agile Programming Competencies provides days worth of materials in the form of webinars and articles, all laid out in a roadmap format.

  • Acceptance Test-Driven Development
  • Sustainable Test-Driven Development

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