Why Use Us

Our Vision

Effective software development without suffering.

Our Mission

At Net Objectives, we are committed to discovering the principles, practices and perspectives that businesses must know in order to maximize their return on their software development and IT efforts. We combine our experience with a scientific approach to continuously extend the capability of what is possible in creating effective technology/software development organizations. We provide these learned methods to our clients and the community in general so as to assist people in achieving their goals and in assisting them in making their organizations more successful.

We do this by providing consulting, assessment, training, and coaching that enables business agility.

To learn more about how Lean-Agile can help you, review some articles and seminars by clients of ours about their experiences.

"To compete in your market requires you to deliver better products faster, with lower cost. Time-to-market has become more than a cliché – it has become a necessity. Agile methods have focused on improving the Agility of teams, but to win in today’s world require Business Agility – the ability to take concepts to consumption without delay and in a sustainable manner."

A comment by our CEO, Al Shalloway, on becoming Agile.

Why We're Different

We assist our clients across the entire IT/software development cycle. We do not specialize on teams as many Agile/Scrum consulting companies do and then hope to spread that across the enterprise. We understand that things work differently at the business and team level. We also believe management is essential in manifesting quality software across an organization.

A little about us:

  • We embrace the whole enterprise from business to engineering practices moving toward tight integration
  • We offer our services internationally
  • Unparalleled knowledge of software development theory and practices
  • Deep organizational and industry vertical knowledge
  • We work to empower the organization and leave behind a body of knowledge


"Six months ago we embarked on a journey to improve our efficiency through the Lean/Agile approach. We have more than doubled our productivity, the teams are having fun swarming and everything we work on is visible to management and end users. We would not have made such great strides in such a short timeframe without excellent coaching from Net Objectives."

Steve, Business Systems Division Manager

Our Approach

We specialize in Business-Driven Software Development using Lean-Agile methods. Business Driven Software Development focuses on the flow of work so that selected work items are developed quickly with visibility to all concerned. This enables the business to see how the work is progressing while enabling the developers to understand why they are creating what they are building. This flow combined with visibility is essential in order to quickly create high quality software with low cost.

Business Driven Software Development assists:

  • The business to select, size and prioritize that work which will provide the greatest business value
  • Teams to build high quality software quickly using either Kanban or iterative methods
  • Teams to use proper analysis, design and coding methods, including ATDD, TDD and Design Patterns
  • Management to improve the software development value stream so that teams can manifest the business' vision of the organization


While we do what many others might call Scrum we call it Lean-Agile with iterations because iterative development from a Lean-Agile perspective is considerably different than what it is from the typical Scrum viewpoint. See Are All Agile Methods Based on the Same Beliefs? for more.

What We Offer

We offer a complete range of services including:

  • On-site assessments
  • On-site training
  • On-site Consulting
  • On-site Coaching and mentoring


We believe a combination of training and coaching results in more effective knowledge transfer than either can by itself. Our goal is not only to assist individuals in learning cutting-edge disciplines but also to train your enterprise to continue the mentoring process themselves.

We empower enterprises to deliver great products and services with speed, quality and maximized profit.

Check out some case studies from our clients.