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Sponsoring Partners of the Effective Agile At Scale Webinar Series

AgileCraft AgileCraft was built from the top down to support enterprise agile at scale. Everyone from engineers to executives can use AgileCraft to optimize software delivery. AgileCraft provides a scalable platform that is designed to help deploy quickly regardless of the tools in the current landscape. They provide flexible APIs so that AgileCraft is able to connect with common systems or even API enabled homegrown systems. Through agile they make enterprise scalability, visibility and collaboration easy for large organizations.
LeanKit LeanKit drew from the principles of Lean, Agile and Kanban to build LeanKit to revolutionize the way work is managed. In LeanKit, you map your organization’s processes onto virtual whiteboards. Rather than having to ask for status reports, managers and customers can just look at the board. The visual nature of a Kanban board allows it to quickly convey a tremendous amount of information. Board updates are visible in seconds around the globe. As a result, the emergence of a more collaborative, proactive and successful workplace.

Other Valued Partners

AltaSource Group
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AltaSource Group is a great place for near-shoring (off-shoring in a close time-zone). AltaSource Group is a U.S. owned nearshore staffing & IT software consulting company that brings world class, cost effective software development solutions to businesses across North America.
EdLab Group The EdLab Group is a dynamic organization dedicated to educational innovation, developing and implementing programs and projects that create meaningful and widespread impact. We deliver programs statewide, regionally, nationally and internationally. Our staff have expertise in managing and scaling up large projects that include professional development for educators, informal educational experiences for youth, and exemplary practice dissemination for practitioners. Formerly Puget Sound Center.
ettain group ettain group is a staffing and consulting company that delivers top talent and solutions to accelerate our customers’ success. We are a trusted partner that provides access to talent, expertise and methodology - with a custom feel. Our experienced project leadership teams, RAPID™ qualification process and quality assurance methodology unite to deliver solutions that accelerate your success.
Microsoft Registered Partner
Microsoft Registered Partner
Microsoft is focused on ensuring a high level of satisfaction among customers and partners. It is a core component of its business. The vision is to provide experiences for customers and partners, across all of their interactions with Microsoft, that they value and recognize, and enable them to realize their full potential.