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Alex Singh


Ex Senior Consultant

Based Out Of:

Orange County, CA (USA)

Alex Singh is a Lean-Agile coach guiding, enabling, advising and assisting in difficult environments with limited options, in particular large organizations as they embark on their enterprise-wide agile transformation journey.

An engagement typically involves: assessing the nature of the organization and adaptively offering coaching, consulting, and training; coaching teams and support groups; engaging with the business in defining, validating, and prioritizing customer needs and opportunities; and educating management and leadership on environment design (organizational structures, culture, and leadership style), systems thinking, and personal agility.

His goal as a coach is not only to help organizations meet their immediate objectives, but also to set them on a path of continued improvement and self-sufficiency. He tries to engage with a client pragmatically and help them where they are rather than impose a standard solution upon them. He strongly believes in and advocates continual exploring, experimenting, learning, adapting, improving.

Lastly, he is committed to creating environments where people can experience joy, self-expression (of feelings, thoughts, and ideas), partnership, and satisfaction arising from the completion of challenging and meaningful work. He endeavors to help clients create environments where people can move beyond personal and institutional limitations and to create for themselves deep, transformative learning.

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