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Why Membership is Required

Membership is not required if all you wish to do is read the material at this site. It is only required if you wish to make edits.

Membership here is coincident with Registering at the Net Objectives Main site. Thus you also gain access to Net Objectives' site Resources and subscription to the monthly Lean-Agile Newsletter email (from which you can remove yourself via an email link). If you are already a member of the Net Objectives main site, Login and return here.

A community repository is at its most useful when community members can participate in its creation, evolution, and if they can work together to keep its quality high. However, we must also be aware that there are miscreants in the world who like nothing more than to destroy and vandalize the work of others. I've never understood the attraction of pointless destruction, but it's all too common in any public venue. Sad, but true.

This wiki is version-controlled, so it should be relatively easy to undo the nonsense that will inevitably occur, but there are also automated attacks that can be very hard to keep up with, and we've seen this destroy other well-intentioned efforts on the web.

It is our hope that simply limiting the edits to those who have given us their names and email addresses will help keep this problem to a manageable minimum. We understand that information is the currency of the web, and in asking for your personal information we are asking you for something valuable, even though there is no monetary cost. We respect this, and we hope you'll find the value you derive from participating here will at least equal the value that you give.

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-Scott Bain-