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This page was created to assist members of the PMI who want to learn more about Agile, Lean, Scrum and/or Kanban.

The Agile community is quite varied and many of you may have sometimes noticed a negative attitude about management, project management in particular, from some Agilists.  You will not get this from us.   We think this is both unfair and unwise. While some forms of Agile tend to preclude management, our experience is that management is particularly important for Agile beyond one team.  We have even created our own course, Lean-Agile Project Management Certification, as a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) to let people know why Agile works, the role of management in Agile teams, and which particular method will work best for them.

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Lean-Agile at Scale and at the Team: The Value Stream Series. This webinar series is a great introduction to Agile with an executive/management friendly approach. Our experience with organizations has shown us that management is essential, albeit somewhat forgotten by many in the Agile community.  Many of the session recordings are available while some are still to come.

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