Built-in Quality is one of the four core values of the Scaled Agile Framework. It is critical for doing Lean-Agile at scale. It is what allows quicker delivery of Business value. One of the key practices in realizing Built-In Quality is Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) which is also known as Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). This workshop helps an Agile Release Train (ART) quickly come up to speed on ATDD / BDD and how to use it in their context.

The workshop is based on the book that is recommended by SAFe.



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  1. Software Development

    • What is ATDD

    • Why ATDD is useful

    • The process of ATDD

    • Roles and responsibilities

  2. Acceptance Test Examples

    • Acceptance test style, size, scope, clarity

  3. The Business Tests: Objectives and Scope

  4. User Stories and Scenarios

  5. Test Anatomy

  6. Tables as Tests

  7. System Boundary and Tests

  8. Test Evaluation

    • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

    • Maintainability, scalability

    • Sustainability

  9. Retrospective

    • Transition Issues

    • Motivation issues

Full Description

Built-in Quality is one of the four core values of the Scaled Agile Framework. The enterprise's ability to deliver new functionality with the fastest sustainable lead time and to be able to react to rapidly changing business environments is dependent on solution quality.

This workshop is designed to be completed for an entire Agile Release Train within a one week period. It starts with an interactive workshop for the entire ART (product owners, testers, and developers). This provides a common ATDD/BDD background for everyone. The session demonstrates how to create and use acceptance tests to create a joint understanding of the requirements. It shows how to use these acceptance tests as a communication and verification tool. Following this initial session, each team is provided their own half day session that revolves around their particular environment and stories. These sessions include topics based on the teams’ individual needs and enables them to apply ATDD/BDD into their own practices.

Applying these skills streamlines communication within the organization, decreasing rework, raising customer satisfaction, and promoting trust within the organization. These methods have demonstrated an ability to be able to lower released errors by up to 90%.

This workshop is based on the SAFe-recommended book, Lean-Agile Acceptance Test-Driven Development by Ken Pugh

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Participants should have a basic understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework, preferably having taken a SAFe class such as SAFe for Teams or Leading SAFe. 

Max class size



4 Days




Using ATDD/BDD in the Agile Release Train Workshop