This overview is recommended for C levels, Principals, Sponsors, Business and Technical Senior Managers, and key organizational stakeholders (Finance, HR, Operations) whose organizations are either exploring how to improve the Return on Investment of a company’s technology investment or are already in transition to Agile. Executives and management play a key role in an Agile adoption and it is critical to have a consistent perspective with clear expectations of what is involved for success.

Course Objectives: 

The objectives for this course include:

  • Gaining a high-level overview of Lean-Agile

  • Developing a consistent perspective of how to achieve the benefits of Lean-Agile

  • Understanding the impact of Lean-Agile to your organization


Learning Objectives: 

The learning objectives for this briefing include:

  • Understand the responsibilities of Business, Management, and the Teams and the key roles in Lean-Agile

  • Minimize / eliminate the risks associated with technology development

  • Realize Business value quicker by doing Business value increments

  • Identify key needed changes in drivers and thinking

  1. Lean-Agile overview

    • Challenges

    • Definition of agility

    • The context for Lean-Agile

  2. Focusing on Business value

  3. Lean thinking and key drivers

  4. Responsibility boundaries, levels, and roles

  5. Case Study

  6. Transition

Full Description

This briefing provides a strategic overview of the Lean-Agile principles, practices, and persons involved to consistently achieve the highest business value (ROI) in a shorter delivery time, with the capacity of the technical teams.


Topics covered include:

  • Lean-Agile overview

  • Lean thinking and key drivers

  • Responsibility boundaries, levels, and roles

  • Business value based prioritization and planning

  • Portfolio management: Effectively managing demand with capacity based on life-cycle of profit

  • Elements of transition



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Lean-Agile Executive Briefing