What would it mean to implement DevOps Practices, or teams, or culture? How can you separate the hype from the reality? What is realistically possible? And, what is only a fantasy for most organizations? This course provides you with an overview of the DevOps goals, practices and tools. This information can prepare you to identify what is possible and practical in your organization. Most importantly, this course will enable you to see the enormous benefits that you can reap through implementing DevOps in your organization.

Course Objectives: 

Participants will understand the core principles, practices and tool categories that are part of a DevOps implementation and culture. They will also understand the enormous benefits that their organization would gain by implementing DevOps practices and culture.

Learning Objectives: 

A the end of this course, you will have done the following:

  • Develop a common understanding of DevOps including terms and common patterns

  • Gain an understanding of the benefits of implementing DevOps practices

  • Review common Continuous Integration patterns, architectures and tool categories

  • Gain an understanding of Continuous Delivery architectures, frameworks and tool categories

  • Gain an understanding of Continuous Deployment frameworks, tool categories and options

  • Review advanced DevOps patterns including Cloud deployment and Microservices

  1. Introduction

  2. DevOps: The 50,000 foot view

  3. Terminology

  4. Basic DevOps product / workflows

  5. DevOps Foundation: Lean Principles

  6. DevOps Benefits: The Big Why

  7. Business agility

  8. Fast feedback from customers

  9. Fast feedback to developers

  10. Foundation: Continuous Integration

  11. Common practices

  12. Tooling and practices

  13. Continuous Development

  14. Common practices

  15. Tooling and practices

  16. Continuous Deployment and Cloud Practices

  17. Common practices

  18. Tooling and practices

Full Description

DevOps Roadmap Overview provides a roadmap and framework for understanding DevOps. The course provides an overview of who is using DevOps techniques and why they are using them. It discusses the benefits that companies are gaining in business agility and in productivity by implementing DevOps practices. The course shows the connections between the Lean and Agile principles that you may already know and the principles, practices and methodologies of DevOps.


After discussing the foundational principles of DevOps, you will be given a roadmap into the core DevOps practices. You will review the Continuous Integration practices that are foundational and necessary for DevOps. Building on that foundation, the roadmap describes:

  • Continuous Delivery

  • Continuous Deployment

  • Leveraging virtual servers and cloud technology

  • Advanced patterns such as MicroServices


Finally, you  will discuss the different workflows common in organizations embracing DevOps and the different teaming and collaboration patterns that companies use to implement DevOps methods.



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DevOps Roadmap Overview