We go beyond Agile and focus on Business Agility: the quick realization of value predictably, sustainably and with high quality. We believe it important for you to understand who we are and our philosophy but if you want to just see our services, visit Net Objectives Services.

If you are looking for solutions to your problems, not cookie-cutter, preset frameworks, we're the people you're looking for.

Whether it's small- to mid-scale Agile adoption of technology groups under 1000 people, or top quality team agility and team techincal training we believe in first seeing what your challenges are before offering solutions. We have been thought leaders in a wide variety of topics including Lean-Agile, SAFe, Scrum, XP, Kanban, design patterns, TDD, ATDD and more. Although we help companies who are using SAFe, we recommend a lighter weight aproach for organizations whose technology group is less than 1000 people - see Using the Essence of SAFe at small- to mid-scale for more. 

If you are looking at scaling Agile and don't quite feel comfortable with SAFe, LeSS or Spotify, we are definitely the folks to talk to.  Although we help clients with challenges with their SAFe adoption, we recommend a lighter weight approach for technology organizations for up to 1000 people. We were early contributors to SAFe and our CEO was the first SPCT not part of Scaled Agile Inc.  But as SAFe as grown we feel it has grown overly complex for any organization beyond truly large scale. As much experience as we have in SAFe (see the case study we led) we prefer to use a Lean-Agile approach we call FLEX (see a case study here). If you're not sure whether you should use SAFe, check out Deciding if and How to Use SAFe at small- to mid-scale with FLEX.

If you are considering training or coaching, we invite you to a free 30 minute consultatation.  Just contact fill make a request here

Our goal is to help you achieve Business Agility

Your energies on improvement should be about increasing your ability to deliver value to your customers quickly, predictably, sustainably, and with high quality. Business Agility creates the context within which your teams can innovate and be more efficient by aligning them around the true goal of value delivery across the organization, not merely effective teams.

There are several paths available to companies to take. But you need to start with identifying both what your goals are as well as the roadblocks in your way. No one size fits all and without an understanding of your desired endgame and a roadmap to fulfill it you are likely not going to make a successful choice for the best path. Fortunately, patterns of adoptions exist and can be used to create a roadmap in a surprisingly short period of time.

By using Lean-Thinking as a guide, we show you how to create initiatives based on your strategies. These initiatives guide the work being done by focusing on quick delivery of value that can be realized by your customers. By focusing on high value in a short time, alignment across the organization increases and provides feedback to help the organization stay on track. Lean provides the overall umbrella within which Agile teams can collaborate together.

The benefits of Business Agility


Quicker delivery

By focusing on smaller, high value density releasees cycle times can reduced significantly. High quality, fewer delays, lower cost.




The root of poor quality lies both in how a product is built and how teams collaborate in the building of it. A combination of attending to high quality software development and across the organization collaboration requires a combination of Lean and Agile.



Lack of predictability is a side effect of ineffective process and workflow. By attending to the system people are in these factors can be brought under control and predictability of throughput improved.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Most of the costs of an organization are due to rework caused by having delays in workflow and feedback. Lean’s focus on removing delays, and therefore waste, can literally eliminate half the work that appears necessary but is actually caused by poor process.

Lower Risks

Lower Risks

The biggest risks companies face is building the wrong product in too long of a time. Lean-Agile’s focus on working on the most important items while getting continuous feedback can lower these risks dramatically.



Innovation increases when people are not stressed out and are working on truly valuable things. The goal of a transformation should not be just to cut costs but to create new and better products by having people be more effective.

Our goal is to help you become self-sufficient quickly and sustainably

Our goals are to start you on a path that will lead you to significant improvement in your ability to deliver high value to your customers in a quicker and more cost effective manner. Our role is to be the “point of the spear” so to speak. We encourage train-the-trainer approaches so you can become more effective and even grow your own people. We accomplish this by using advanced training techniques such as scaled learning and back of the room training that have been around for decades but have not been readily adopted by the Agile Consulting industry. Scaled learning enables entire development groups (up to 100 peopl) to be taught together. This improves effectiveness of the workshops because collaboration is a key part of Agile... and people learn in a collaborative manner.

For roles such as the team-coach (e.g., Scrum Master), we provide on-line training that can accommodate hundreds of Agile coaches learning in an on-the-job manner over time. For the cost of one embedded coach you can bring hundreds of team coaches from novice to advanced in a matter of months. All of our workshops center around the actual work that is needed, not just discussions about what the end result should look like. 

Our services


If you're looking for an alternative to LeSS or SAFe, our approach is easier, more effective and less costly. Learn More

Team Agility

You should decide between Scrum or Kanban, you should get what works. We provide an integration of Scrum & Kanban that fits your situation This includes offerings for those adopting SAFe. Learn More


We help small to mid-size companies adopt SAFe by using Lean Agile Product Management approach that is easier and more effective than SAFe's. Learn More

Technical Agility

From simple practices to advanced architecture we can hlep your teams. TDD, Design Patterns, emergent design, SAFe architecture are a few of our services. Learn More

Scaled Learning

Provides highly effective, low cost workshops for Agile coaches and teams. Learn More

Big room planning

Improve collaboration and dependency management with better planning methods and a simple tool to manage it. Learn More

Get an expert to help you decide what to do

We work with you to pick what approach you want to take without offering one of our own. This gives you an expert in one of your company's most critical decisions. Learn More

Next Steps

Send our CEO, Al Shalloway an email to set up a free, one-on-one consultation. He likes to talk to each of our potential new clients personally. In particular, if you have doubts about taking a SAFe adoption, as a former contributor and SPCT he can give you a unique perspective on it.

There is more value created with overall alignment than with local excellence. Edwards Deming

Often reducing batch size is all it takes to bring a system back into control. Eli Goldratt

How we do it

We attend to patterns of adoption that lead to success or failure. There is no one size fits all, but what’s needed to succeed, even for companies in different industries, is surprising similar. The combination of Lean with Agile provides an overall view to improve collaboration while increasing the efficiency of the teams. Lean provides the eyeglasses, so to speak, on how to do this.

A quick assessment of how a company is doing on the dozen or so steps required for success enables us to see where to start. The outcomes required are clear from patterns of adoption gleamed from 20 years of experience with Lean-Agile methods. The steps required to achieve these goals are readily tailored for your organization.

By attending to the identification of truly valuable work and how to realize it in small chunks, your organization tends to both naturally improve. By creating visibility on your work flow each improvement provides guidance to the next.

Our advanced workshop styles based on the latest scaled learning methods enable us to deliver high-impact, cost-effective workshops to large numbers of teams and their coaches. We also provide a support system to help teams to continue learning after the initial workshops.

We help you become self sufficient by providing train-the-trainer programs for bringing your teams and Agile coaches up to speed. This is where the bulk of the cost of transformation programs are and too much of the cost is often spent on outside consultants with little internal staff improvements to show for it.