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The goal  is

Business Agility

To get there, you must use approaches and tools that fit your context.

Pragmatic approaches that fit your needs and context to

realize business value using next-gen methods based on

flow, sustainable technical practices, and scaled learning.

Creating a Business Agility Adoption Plan

Before starting a new way of working it is important to understand where you are. We can also include basic management workshops with this.

Agile at scale (with or without SAFe)

We have been doing Agile at scale since 2006. We were aligned with SAFe® for a few years (contributors, gold partner, former SPCTs) until we caught up with them in documenting our own FLEX approach. Now we can offer either a customized solution to your needs or help you improve your SAFe endeavors.

Team Tune-ups

We have found that most teams get trained in Scrum or Kanban. Teams need a bit of both. We help you do Team Agility better by seeing your teams’ challenges and providing solutions for them.


Training for developers and testers

From test-first to emergent design, we’ve got you covered. We are leaders in design patterns, Test-Driven Development, Acceptance-Test Driven Development and Agile architecture and have workshops in all of these topics. Our courses are delivered by authors who wrote the book on these topics.

Team Agility (Scrum/Kanban) Role and Team Training

Scrum and Kanban are the most popular methods out there. The best way to go is a blend of the two based on Lean. We can help you figure out how. We offer an on-the-job, online workshop for Scrum Masters and Kanban coaches, beginning with an initial 2-3 day workshop to true mastery. Our scaled-learning techniques keep costs to a fraction of traditional classes while providing significantly more breadth and depth.

SAFe® Tune-Ups

Many small to mid-sized companies are trying to adopt SAFe even though it is more complex than necessary. We can help. We can help dev groups in large SAFe organizations with a Lean Portfolio and Product Management approach. Wherever you are, if you want to see how to improve what you're doing, if you want greater effectiveness, we can help.

Watch these videos to get acquainted with us, our approach, our philosophy, and how we do things.

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