Scrum with Agile Requirements and Scrum Master Coaching Academy Bundle

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For the cost of two Certified Scrum Master courses for 40-50 people we can get those same people, plus their associated Product Owners and two Scrum Masters trained in a much better way. Read more to learn how we do this.  See Comparing Scrum with Agile Software Management and CSM Classes.

This bundle combines two programs:

By the Scrum Guide's own admission - "Scrum is simple to understand but difficult to master." At Net Objectives we don't believe it has to be that way. The skills needed for teams and the skills needed for Scrum Masters are quite different. We have two different programs, one for teams and Scrum Masters to learn Scrum together and the other to help Scrum Masters achieve competence while working with their teams.  This focus enables us to go beyond the basic Scrum framework and provide the skill sets beyond Scrum that teams need. In Scrum with Agile Requirements: Achieving Sustainable Agility we create collaboration with product owners and the team while providing more indepth knowledge of what's needed.  Because of the focus on the team and through the use of innovative workshop techniques, we can have larger classroom sizes that increase collaboration across teams.  Our Coaching Academy: Team Level enables us to provide true Scrum Master education (a three month, stepwise learning method).  This focus on what is really needed along with the innovate training techniques enables us to bring both the cost down and the time needed for your team to attend workshops.

Here is a summary of what is taught by role. Although this workshop is delivered over 4 days, it only involves 2.5 days in the classroom.

  Team Product Owner ScrumMaster
Scrum Training 1.5 days 1.5 days 1.5 days
Learning how to write stories through a definition of done and acceptance criteria 1 day 1 day 1 day
Actually working on writing their own stories 3 one-hour sessions 3 one-hour sessions 3 one-hour sessions for each team they coach
Scrum Master training     13 week program taking about 2 hours a week where much of this time is focused on their team

There is also a 1/2 day meeting with leaders to ensure we're delivering the right focus for the teams involved.

We're able to accomplish this through the use of exercises and a focus on what is really needed - not just generic practices that eventually have to be abandoned as people attempt to make Scrum for their own context. By focusing on the team, their real work and how product owners work with the team, people learn much better. 

Why Your Own People Can Be Better ScrumMasters than an Embedded Coach

It's often assumed that bringing in experienced outside ScrumMasters is the next best step after ScrumMaster training. But if you have people who already understand Scrum and have a good attitude working with others, that may not be the case. Consider this, how many weeks is it going to take for outsiders to learn your domain, culture and people. What is the risk if they don't fit? You already have people you know. They just need more experience.  Our Coaching Academy enables people with a good understanding of Scrum to become great ScrumMasters in 13 weeks. It does this not only with lessons, exercises with their own folks and one-on-one sessions with Net Objectives staff, it also provides templates and materials to support them in coaching their teams in Scrum. The risks are also low. At the worst case you've made some of your people better. Two outsiders for the month it will take to come up to speed will cost you $25,000 for what may be little benefit. For more on this topic click here.


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Category B
Talent Triangle - Strategic:
32.00 PDUs

Maximum Number in Class

75 (Approximate. Depends upon make up and experience level of team.)