Product Manager / Product Owner Workshop

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Course Overview

The Product Manager / Product Owner Workshop combines the role of the business facing product manager with the Agile role of the team facing Product owner.  The workshop covers requirements workflow from inception to completion and provides the Lean principles and business practices required to successfully achieve this. It covers portfolio and release management, managing demand with capacity to achieve faster realization of business value, and business planning and backlog management to drive development teams in producing incremental value. The workshop uses a combination of lecture and exercises.

Participants gain experience in using business value criteria and weighting for defining and sequencing what product aspects are most important based upon business ROI and dependencies. Also covered are the impacts of organizational and project dynamics, selecting Product Owners, and how the Product Manager is impacted. Participants learn to use visual controls for decision-making. The goal is to prioritize the delivery of the highest value features and functionality and to maintain the extensibility of the product for future value delivery.

Course Objectives: 

The objectives for this workshop include:

  • Defining the role of both the Product Manager and Product Owner and how they guide and drive development
  • Defining effective business value vision and focus
  • Defining, prioritizing, and planning business increments based on highest business value
  • Creating a focus in the development team towards delivering high value, high quality software in a sustainable manner
  • Addressing the challenges, approaches, and mind sets faced by both the Product Manager and Product Owner
  • Giving business managers of agile projects an understanding of the Lean-Agile process
  • Preparing analysts, developers and testers to do Lean-Agile projects

Target Audience:

Primary Audience: 

Business principals, sponsors, product managers, product owners, Business SMEs, stakeholders.

Learning Objectives: 

The learning objectives for this workshop include:

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the Business, the Product Manager and the Product Owner
  • Identify business value criteria for prioritization, decomposition, and sequencing
  • Define business value increments
  • Describe how to manage scope, time line, and delivery of value based on capacity of teams
  • Identify how to create a single prioritized list and manage active work-in-progress (WIP)
  • Demonstrate use of tools and techniques that provide visibility for portfolio management and oversight
  • Execute decision making using Lean thinking and Lean-Agile reporting in a timely manner.
  • Learn how to ensure that the highest business value is always focused on and delivered by the team.
  • Compare and contrast the difference between a release and iteration
  • Describe the mechanics of product backlog management
  • Compare / contrast the difference in writing of the business feature and user story
  • Identify challenges that may impede the flow of work
  • Learn how to plan for and manage dependencies
  • Understand how to write stories to address architecture & analysis over the life of the project
  • Learn how to decompose complex work into small stories for the teams
  • Identify tools and techniques that provide visibility for work in progress
Certification and PDUs
Category B
Maximum Number in Class
20 (Approximate. Depends upon make up and experience level of team.)
Room Setup and Equipment Needed

Students sit at tables, 4-6 students per table.

One flip chart per table and a flip chart or whiteboard for the instructor.

A projector with screen.