Lean-Agile Software & IT Online Workshop: Self-Study Version

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Course Overview

This online workshop is a self-study workshop on Lean-Agile methods which includes pre-recorded lectures, readings and exercises. The course is a self-study version of our Lean-Agile Software & IT Online Workshop. Both its objectives and materials are the same. The only difference is that it is not done with a live instructor – participants go through the materials on their own. However, participants do have access to Net Objectives consultants via email and can also ask questions on the Net Objectives forum dedicated to the workshop.


Course Objectives: 
  • Provide the equivalent of a three-day Lean-Agile workshop for transition agents, executives, managers and leads
  • Prepare people to lead their organizations in adopting Agile across the enterprise
  • Learn the principles under most every popular framework and method in Agile 
  • Explain the basics of Lean-Agile methods
  • Delineate the basis of Agile at scale
  • Provide simple solutions to mid-scale and late stage startups
  • Present the Net Objectives Guardrail system, which enables quick starts with continuous improvement
  • Teach transition agents how to identy good pilot projects as well as to expand the success of the pilots they start
  • Give coaches the practical insights needed to fit these methods into their own context

Target Audience:

Primary Audience: 

Executives, stakeholders, product managers, product owners, managers, team leaders, analysts.

Certification and PDUs