Lean-Agile Product Roadmaps

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Course Overview

Lean-Agile Product Roadmaps is a two-day workshop which builds on the foundation of steering products by business value set in the Product Manager / Product Owner Essentials workshop. Participating Product Managers and business executives learn how to build a product roadmap based on the Lean and Agile principles of business value, experimentation and constant feedback.

At the end of this workshop, participants will have created a preliminary product roadmap for selected product initiatives.

Target Audience:

Primary Audience: 

This workshop is designed for:

  • Business leaders responsible for setting business and product initiatives
  • Product Managers responsible for guiding products and setting and managing product roadmaps.
  • Engineering leaders who will size the effort and collaborate to sequence of delivery.
Learning Objectives: 

Learning objectives for this workshop include:

  • Understanding how to apply Lean and Agile principles to product road-mapping
  • Describing patterns and anti-patterns for decomposing initiatives into Lean-Agile slices
  • Understanding how to establish an economic framework for valuing initiatives and their components (down to Lean-Agile slices)
  • Understanding of the importance of calculating Cost of Delay
  • Describing a framework for combining technical and business prerequisites with business factors to prioritize and roadmap Lean-Agile slices
  • Describing a framework for establishing product roadmaps given the constraints of the development teams and the other critical stakeholders in each initiative
  • Understanding how to incorporate feedback from completed work into product roadmaps

Certification and PDUs

14 PDUs