Net Objectives Coaching Academy: Growing Great Coaches

The Coaching Academy is for companies that want to improve the effectiveness of their own internal coaches. Whether they are using SAFe®, Scrum or Kanban, effective Lean-Agile transformation requires effective coaching. The Coaching Academy is designed to work either as a standalone program or as an integrated part of Net Objectives Lean-Agile Transformation. Equipping internal coaches maximizes the return on investment for a Lean-Agile transformation and enables continuing improvement afterwards.

Begin Where You Are: Become a Great Coach

Individual assessment, integrated coursework and mentorship, and a clearly defined learning path combine to ensure that participants’ needs are continually met throughout the 12-week program. 

Team-Level, Program-Level, and Product/Management Tracks

The Coaching Academy currently has an online course for Team Agility coaches.  We have plans for progrma-level and product/management tracks.