Net Objectives Coaching Academy: Growing Great Coaches

The Coaching Academy is for companies that want to improve the effectiveness of their own internal coaches, be they for SAFe®, Scrum or Kanban.  Effective Lean-Agile transformation requires effective coaching. The Academy is designed to work either as a standalone program or as an integrated part of Net Objectives Lean-Agile Transformation. Training internal coaches enables maximizing the return on your investment in a Lean-Agile transformation and for continuing improvement afterwards.

The Net Objectives Coaching Academy is 13-week program designed to equip your coaches and change agents with the understanding, skills, and abilities they need to increase team performance and effectiveness within a Lean-Agile eco-system. The principles and Lean-Agile mindset benefit all Scrum or Kanban teams, regardless of whether they are using SAFe®. 

Begin Where You Are – Become a Great Coach

Individual assessment, integrated coursework and mentorship, and a clearly defined learning path combine to ensure that participants’ needs are continually met throughout the 13-week program.

Become a Great Coach

Class sizes of 12-15 provide participants with the personalized learning environment they need to be effective in their organization.

Team-Level, Program-Level, and Product/Management Tracks

The coaching academy has tracks for coaches at the team and program levels and for organizations that want their product owners and development managers to work together better. All tracks follow the same philosophy and structure.

Structure of the Academy

Each track in the Coaching Academy consists of: 

  • An Agile maturity assessment appropriate to the level (program or team) being worked with
  • Pre-work to get people on the same page and accelerate the benefits of the Academy
  • An introduction to Lean-Agile that provides both the principles and practices needed to be effective in creating solutions.
  • 12 weeks of follow-on training and coaching that provides interactive experience in Lean-Agile Fundamentals, coaching mindset and skills, and helping your teams learn how to solve their problems.  This includes
    • Net Objectives seven essential guardrails system that guide programs and organizations in selecting and applying practices.  These guardrails are key to keeping the program on track and are presented from the team-level in this track.
    • A toolbox of situational team practices that enable Scrum and Kanban teams to adapt to meet their particular needs.
  • The curriculum is based on Net Objectives Lean-Agile approach to Agile at scale but can be presented in terms of SAFe if your organization has adopted SAFe

​While all tracks have the same structure each component of the track is tailored for that tracks specific needs.

Coaching Academy Structure

Team-Level Core Curriculum

This track is to take team coaches and make them better.  We work with all Agile team level approaches (Scrum, Kanban, ...) and make them better.  This track focuses not just on how the team can work better together but also how it fits into the overall flow.

Program-Level Core Curriculum

This track is to take team coaches and convert them into coaches capable of coaching an entire program.  Program coaches must know how teams need to coordinate with each other.  The scope of this work focuses on the value stream from when the work is pulled by technology through deployment.   

Product / Management Core Curriculum

This track is for organizations that want to include the product owner in the coaching.  This can be tailored for organizations with development managers or Technical Project Managers as well.  This track puts more emphasis on how these roles can work together than individual coaching skills.  

Support for Coaches in the Academy

The curriculum of the academy is based on the Net Objectives approach to Lean-Agile Software Development for products and IT. The Net Objectives Portal provides the curriculum, an integrated Learning Management System, and a community of practice that can be made private to your organization.

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