Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Net Objectives and SAFeSPCT

If you’re looking for a straight out-of-the-box implementation of SAFe, we’re probably not for you.  Let’s face it, SAFe has become commoditized and this is a good thing. Many organizations can only start with a set one-size-fits-all approach where a few key players can organize many inexperienced coaches.  
Although we’re contributors to and bronze partners with SAFe, we’ve taken a different route.  We created a business-driven software development method in 2005 that works at scale. We integrate this with SAFe so that we can work with companies who want to use SAFe as a foundation for what they do. Our SAFe implementations targets the following companies:
  • those whose IT/Development organization is under 500 people and just want to use some of SAFe’s key practices, such as the program increment planning event
  • those who want to use SAFe as a true framework and want it adjusted to their needs
  • those who have been using SAFe for a while and are now trying to go deeper and/or solve some of the issues for which SAFe doesn’t provide enough depth 
The key areas where we differentiate from out-of-the-box SAFe are:
  • Doing an assessment to see where you are and what you really need before starting an implementation
  • Consulting in how to do cross-portfolio planning based on company values and strategic themes in order to manage work in process
  • Agile product management from intake through development
  • Management coaching for large enterprises
  • Fine tuning of trains to your value stream
  • Technical agility, including large scale architecture, SaaS, ATDD, TDD, emergent design and more
  • Using Kanban in shared services
We provide onsite training of the standard SAFe courses as well as technical and ATDD training for SAFe®.

Our History With SAFe®

Net Objectives is not only one of the longest-practicing SAFe partners, many of its consultants and associates influenced the formation of SAFe itself (see BMC -the SAFe case study). We also led the Northwestern Mutual SAFe adoption. Net Objectives was the primary contributor to the SAFe technical practices (emergent design, ATDD) and influenced SAFe's use of Kanban at the program and team levels. The ATDD book in the Net Objectives book series is required reading for SPCT candidates.

Here is what Chet Hendrickson (Agile and XP Guru) has to say about our SAFe practices, “I don’t do SAFe training. The only person in that space I trust is Alan Shalloway at Net Objectives.”

SAFe Resources

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