Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Net Objectives and SAFeSPCT

We are both a contributor to SAFe and an SPCT Gold partner. Our 10+ years of experience in Lean-Agile methods, on which SAFe is based enables us to tune SAFe to your needs. This tuning includes both going deeper than what is available in the SAFe training as well as offering practices which are not yet included in SAFe. We say "not yet included" because we have a history of incorporating Lean-Agile methods into our SAFe implementations before they were later adopted by SAFe.

We do not take an out-of-the-box implementation approach. We prefer to first determine how well SAFe will work for your organization​, if there is a better alternative and if you should use SAFe how it should be tuned.

We provide onsite training of the standard SAFe courses as well as technical and ATDD training for SAFe®.

Our History With SAFe®

Net Objectives is not only one of the longest-practicing SAFe partners, many of its consultants and associates influenced the formation of SAFe itself (see BMC -the SAFe case study). We also led the Northwestern Mutual SAFe adoption. Net Objectives was the primary contributor to the SAFe technical practices (emergent design, ATDD) and influenced SAFe's use of Kanban at the program and team levels. The ATDD book in the Net Objectives book series is required reading for SPCT candidates.

Here is what Chet Hendrickson (Agile and XP Guru) has to say about our SAFe practices, “I don’t do SAFe training. The only person in that space I trust is Alan Shalloway at Net Objectives.”

SAFe Resources

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