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This newsletter focuses on the program increment planning event. It is useful for those doing SAFe or not. A recording of last week's webinar The Collaboration and Dependency Management Event is now available. We called it that instead of "planning event" because planning events are really more about collaboration and dependency management. In addition to improved collaboration, this shift enables a better focus on getting value completed, even if it's not going to be released (see posts below). Regardless of your current level of success with planning events, I highly recommend watching it. Besides improving your events, it creates an opportunity to use an event as a one-time option to get dependencies set and manage your teams with flow from this point on.

I've written two supporting documents on our portal as well:

  • Running Effective Planning Events  I mentioned this article last newsletter, but it is definitely worth reading if you missed it. The planning event for mid-size to large companies has become to “scale” what the daily scrum is to Scrum. Whether you are doing SAFe or not, it is often a great way to increase collaboration while coordinating the work of your teams.  
  • Flowing Within a Time-Box While the intention of the time-box is to give an end date by which things are done, we still need to build things in small increments (be Agile) within the time-box. In other words, there should still be a focus on finishing stories in the sprint & MBIs in the program increment.

I consider both of these articles to contain some of my biggest insights to date.

Residents of India

If you reside in India, you can now enroll in our Scrum Master Coaching Academy for only $295 (normally $1195); this includes premium access to our portal as well. Please send a note to Mike Shalloway if interested. 

Have taken a Net Objectives' Course in 2017-18 (or will be taking a class later in the year) you can take our online Foundations of Sustainable Design, FLEX Essentials, or Agile Product Management for free.  Please contact Mike Shalloway if interested. 

As we mentioned in last week's newsletter we are now including the above on-line training with our team-level offerings. We thought it'd be a great way to provide them to graduates as a thank you.

Design Patterns Thinking Course in Seattle July 17-19

We've just scheduled a public offering of our Design Patterns Thinking course in Seattle on July 17-19.  This course addresses key questions in modern development such as how to design systems that have changeability as a fundamental quality and how the team can communicate effectively when a design is in a constant state of change, and is essential for technical members of a development team.

We've greatly expanded our Scrum/ATDD Support system which is useful for anyone doing Scrum or our flavor of it.

Our online courses - Scrum Master Coaching Academy, FLEX Essentials, and Foundations of Sustainable Design are all up and running. Check them out if you want to learn without losing time from your day job.

Webinar Series

We have temporarily put our webinar series on hold in order to focus on finishing our portal's description of FLEX as an alternative to SAFe for companies with 300-1000 people in technology.


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