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Three big ones today:


I gave a webinar What Is Agile at Scale and the Different Approaches to Achieve It last Tuesday (click webinar name to get to recording).  Many people think their only choices are between SAFe or LeSS or perhaps Nexus. But they actually have more. This webinar discussed what you should look for when making a decision to go beyond Scrum and/or Kanban. Our next webinar  Agile Product Management (May 4) will directly address the challenge of portfolio management. 

New Course on BDD/ATDD

We have yet another new course, this one on Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), we call Advanced Agile Requirements: Behavior-Driven Development with Behavior-Based Analysis. Its innovative training methods allow for training entire programs (or Agile Release Trains if you are doing SAFe) at one time with half the time coaching the teams, in a cost-effective manner. We've been saying for years that this is the next step after team training. It not only improves requirements, but provides a way for teams to get down to small stories no matter how complex what they are developing. See Benefits of BDD/ATDD for more on why you should be doing them.

I've mentioned our Scrum with Agile Requirements: Achieving Sustainable Agility in the last couple of newsletters. This is essentially Scrum with BDD integrated into it at essentially the same cost as multiple CSM classes.

Other things

We've greatly expanded our Scrum/APM Support system which is useful for anyone doing Scrum or our flavor of it.

Our online courses - Scrum Master Coaching Academy, FLEX Essentials, and Foundations of Sustainable Design are all up and running. Check them out if you want to learn without losing time from your day job.

New Webinar Series

We have scheduled a few more webinars in our new series, FLEX From Product Management to the Team:

  • May 4. Agile Product Management This webinar provides an overview of how Agile Product Management (APM) helps achieve business agility – the quick realization of business value, predictably, sustainably and with high quality.
  • May 15. FLEX as an Operating Model
  • May 29. Using a One Day Event to get Teams to Flow
  • TBD. Agile Across Multiple Teams. This presents effective, lightweight, but business driven approaches to coordinating multiple teams without having to adopt heavy or team-centric frameworks.
  • TBD. Using Guardrails to Align Your People Across the Organization
  • TBD. Using Test-First Thinking to Obtain Clear Requirements
  • TBD. Scrum as Example: Rethinking Scrum as a Framework
  • TBD. Becoming an Effective Scrum Master - The Essential Ingredients for Supporting New Scrum Teams
  • TBD. Agile Templates and Practices Useful for New Agile Teams


I’ve decided to start putting all posts and articles I do into blogs on our website. The latest are below.
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Please let me know if you think we might be of any help. Always happy to chat.

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April 24 Seminar (in Orange County, CA): The Role of the Business Analyst in an Agile World
May 4 Webinar: Agile Product Management
May 15 Webinar: FLEX as an Operating Model
May 29 Webinar: Using a One Day Event to get Teams to Flow
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Now Online Course: Lean-Agile at Mid-Scale: FLEX Essentials
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