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The face of Agile is changing, albeit slowly (ironic, I know). The Agile conference was a good one. But it felt different. Most people have tried one or more common approaches and yet are not finding the real solutions they need. There were a variety of reasons expressed for this - limited budget, can't find something that will work, lack of leadership / management support. At Net Objectives we believe that we need to look at and improve the systems that people are in and not blame the people. That's true respect and much more powerful. My talk on Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking went directly to this issue. Look for it on Al Shalloway at Agile 2018 for more. 

This newsletter has a lot of new ideas in it including two recordings of webinars I've done recently. The newsletter is broken down into groups organized around role and interest:

Internal Transformation Agents

Agile 2018 Talk: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking

This talk and the 'Viewing SAFe from a Value Stream Perspective' are my two best non-technical talks ever. There is some overlap between the two. Lean-Leadership and Systems Thinking focuses more on leadership and the big picture, while Viewing SAFe from a Value Stream Perspective comes at the same solution but from a value stream perspective. Go to the Al Shalloway at Agile 2018  in order to see the Lean Leadership talk and look in the next section for the SAFe oriented talk.

    SAFe and mid-scale webinars

    As SAFe has matured, it has also become more complicated. More levels, roles, artifacts, practices, and more. From one perspective, this is a good thing – SAFe is providing practitioners more information. But from another perspective it’s making it harder to understand and use SAFe.  To help in this area, we've started a new webinar series, Simplifying SAFe. It is designed for people who:

    • have adopted SAFe and are looking to both understand it and use it better
    • are considering SAFe or alternatives

    “Simplifying” SAFe does not mean to take things out of SAFe to make it simpler. Rather it means to look at SAFe from a different perspective, which makes it simpler to understand. This helps make those who have already adopted SAFe more effective with it. Those who are considering SAFe will see both easier ways to adopt SAFe as well as lighter weight alternatives.

    The Viewing SAFe from a Value Stream Perspective's recording and PDF are now available. 

    Our next webinar, Lean Portfolio Management, is scheduled for Aug 28.  We'd like your feedback on other topics you'd like, so please let me know what else you'd like to see covered.

    Leaders of a community of excellence (COE) or someone needing to get dozens to hundreds of Scrum Masters / Agile Team coaches up to speed

    Our Coaching Academy for Scrum Masters and Agile Team Coaches is a scaled learning approach designed to get all team coaches up to speed economically. It focuses on learning over time and on pragmatic knowledge and retention. It is based on the latest flipped classroom and peer-to-peer learning methods. But most importantly, it provides a support system for both the Scrum Masters and their teams. For less than the cost of a 2 day course that's full of information but doesn't include enough of what you need to do, you can have people run through a 3-6 month, self-paced, instructor guided program. It also doesn't remove your team leaders from their day job and overall enables much more retention than the typical two day intensive training people get.


    Design Patterns Thinking Course in Seattle

    We've scheduled the next public offering of our Design Patterns Thinking course in Seattle on September 5-7. If you are interested in attending this course yourself or in sending a group of folks to it, contact Mike Shalloway with any questions or register here.  We're still finalizing the exact location; contact Mike if you can provide a training room, as we can provide you with a significant discount if so.  This course addresses key questions in modern development such as how to design systems that have changeability as a fundamental quality and how the team can communicate effectively when a design is in a constant state of change, and is essential for technical members of a development team.

    New Posts


    As always, if you would like to chat about your situation and what we might do to help please contact me. And if you know anyone in your company responsible for corporate wide training (or you are that person) please let me know.

    Al Shalloway 
    CEO, Net Objectives
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