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                                 November 8, Lean-Agile Newsletter


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This email has four parts:

  1. a personal note
  2. announcing FLEX (FLow for Enterprise Transformation)
  3. reminder of next week's Agile Product Management Symposium in Irvine, CA
  4. a note on our blogs

1. The personal note. Many of you know that I've been around a long time.  I've seen a lot of things throughout the course of software development.  I am very disturbed about the situation where it seems more and more people are looking for canned solutions to solve problems that require thinking across the enterprise.  At best there is talk about bringing management in, but there is little incentive given for them to do so. 

I believe that there is something inherently wrong in our industry where people identify with one method or another.  We should not be CSMs or SPCs or whatever.  We should be thinking people, who have been trained in whatever.  Also, it's somewhat of a contradiction of Agile's focus on collaboration that all methods have been designed by a select few who maintain total control over it.  I mention this because it's a large part of the reason we're creating FLEX (read on).

2. FLEX- FLow for Enterprise Transformation. This is not "just another framework."  It's mostly a way of thinking about our challenges and then using a collection of patterns of solution to work with them.  But more importantly, while built on top of our Lean-Agile work for the last decade, we are making it publicly available and co-building it with practitioners.  We are integrating other methods that work into it.  And we are looking to see how we can help those people who are building their own internal framework to build theirs more efficiently.   We are also creating an online course to run in December and January that explains how to use it. 

3. Agile Product Management Symposium next week in Irvine.  This is our fourth in the series and they have been very successful.  
The Agile Product Management Symposiums are designed to help you further your own understanding of how Agility can help your product management process, and also to help you implement improvements across your organization. Each symposium is a one-day peer conference that brings together a select group of thought leaders and practitioners to share knowledge and advance the state of Agile Product Management.

4. Blogs. I've always been writing a lot of blogs but have started doing them daily.  So far they've been somewhat split between our site and linkedin.  I'll start making sure all of them are on our site as well, even if they start out on linkedin.  If you like my blogging, I suggest signing up for the RSS feed on my blog or follow me on linkedin.  Here are my most recent ones:

Also, remember I've relocated to Carlsbad, CA but still get by Seattle about once a month.  If you'd like to meet with me or chat let me know.

Al Shalloway 

CEO, Net Objectives
SAFe® SPC Trainer
425-269-8991 @alshalloway

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