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There are many different Agile methods available now.  Each one has its own pros and cons.  We need to go beyond the dogma and learn to use what works.  Even when a framework provides us with a good starting point, that's all we should consider it to be - a starting point.  Although cross-functionality is a good thing, it's not always achievable or economically viable.  Tomorrow's webinar Configuring and Fine-Tuning Agile Release Trains will provide tricks and tips we've discovered over the last 18 years of helping companies with Agile to create as close to cross-functional teams as desirable. Related to this topic is my blog Why Shu Ha Ri and Scrum Can Make for a Dangerous Combination.  Check below for recordings and resources for earlier webinars in the series as well as upcoming ones. 

Although we are tool agnostic, we are putting on two mini-conferences with two of our favorite tool vendors: LeanKit (Washington DC, June 21) and AgileCraft (Charlotte, NC, June 26).  See Other Events for details.

Local Events (Seattle)

Events in Charlotte and Washington, DC

Agile at Scale

Tuning SAFe Series Webinars:

If you want to know more about how to start an Agile transformation, either with SAFe or with an approach designed specifically for you, please send me a note.  I'd love to chat.

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Date Webinars, Seminars, Conferences
Apr 11 - Jun 27 Webinar series: Tuning SAFe®
Jun 21  Mini-Conference: Why a Business Perspective, Effective WIP Management, and Respect for People Matter for Lean-Agile Transformations
Jun 26  Mini-Conference: Agile Rise and Shine: Agile Leadership and Management at Scale
Jul 11  Webinar: Design Patterns Thinking and Architecture at Scale
Date Public Courses
May 23-25 Public Course in Seattle: Sustainable Test-Driven Development
Jun 13-15 Public Course in Seattle: Design Patterns for Agile Developers
  Let us know if we can schedule a public course in your area