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    I'll start with the webinars first since those are of interest for everybody.  But check out the last section where I talk about a new blog and webinar recordings now available. 

    In this webinar, Founder and CEO of Net Objectives, Al Shalloway, will address the cost of misaligned teams for large and growing organizations. This session is a must for leaders of companies who are facing the challenges that accompany management of large, complex value streams. Al will discuss how to make iterative improvements to your organizational structure that result in easier managementMore of complex enterprise processes and ultimately help you deliver more efficiently and faster. Key topics include:
      - Achieving agreement on the priority of portfolio-level initiatives 
      - Aligning technology with portfolio plans 
      - Getting to business value faster by managing work in process (WIP) 
      - Shifting from a project mentality to a product mentality

    For those in the Seattle area, some real excitement :) Coming soon to Milwaukee, Atlanta and Orange County as well

    We have two related events in August.  The main attraction is our Seattle Agile Product Managmeent Symposium, August 22.  This is a peer conference where people will work together as both learners and teachers.  We have seen that when companies pay attention to Agile Product Management in their Lean-Agile transformations, they have a much greater chance of sucess than when they don't.  We will have several experts there including myself, others from Net Objectives, Joseph Flahiff and Linda Merrick.   I'm hoping Woody Zuil (of mob-programming and no-estimates fame) will be there but at the moment it's only likely, not totally confirmed. 

    In preparation for the 8/22 event, Net Objectives is hosting a fun event on August 2nd at the Bellevue Community College:

    Is Agile Product Management the Key to Unlocking the Promise of Agile?

    At Net Objectives we believe the goal is not to be “Agile” but rather to achieve “business agility.”  Business agility means to be able to quickly realize business value in a predictable and sustainable manner with high quality and in such a way that both only delivers truly useful things but allows for pivoting on what you’re delivering as well.

    Several things are required to accomplish this – selecting work to be done, sequencing in the proper order of value returned vs time to build, clarity of the work across the organization, refining the work as it is being done, and more.   This seminar will have both Al Shalloway and Luniel de Beer discussing the issues of Agile Product Management in a free form manner while taking questions and suggestions from the audience.

    New Blog, Webinar Recordings and PDFs Available

    I wrote a blog on The Role of Management in SAFe.  Actually, I believe this covers the role of management regardless of the approach you are taking.  

    We have two new webinar recordings and PDFs from our Tuning SAFe Series. While these are in the context of SAFe, virtually every session is useful for anyone at scale regardless of approach. Click on a topic below to get access to the recording/PDF

    If you need help with anything Agile (transformation, training, technical) please drop me a line. 

    Al Shalloway 
    CEO, Net Objectives
    SAFe® SPC Trainer
    425-269-8991 @alshalloway

    Don't see one in your area? Let us know so we can see about scheduling one nearby!
    Date Webinars, Seminars, Conferences
    Jul 17 Tuning SAFe® Webinar series: Architecture in SAFe®
    Jul 26 Webinar: Scaling Up: Why Organizational Alignment is Critical and Tips for Achieving It
    Aug 2 Seminar: Is Agile Product Management the Key to Unlocking the Promise of Agile?
    Aug 22 Seattle: Agile Product Management Symposium
    Sep TBD Milwaukee, WI: Agile Product Management Symposium
    Oct TBD Atlanta, GA: Agile Product Management Symposium
    Nov TBD Orange County, CA: Agile Product Management Symposium
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