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We've been busy making some online courses and Train-the-Trainer programs that can help you build your internal staff.  Net Objectives is committed to not just helping our clients with their transformation efforts, but aiding them to become self-reliant as well.  This involves a combination of providing training to help you create your own coaches and trainers as well as providing inexpensive online training that many people can take at a low cost. We cover the following:


  • Training your staff to be able to present high quality, team-level Agile training (integrated Scrum and Kanban)
  • Training team Agility coaches in both Scrum and Kanban and in a way that works across the enterprise.

Inexpensive online training

  • Take the equivalent of a 3 day Lean-Agile course within a diverse learning community ($295 per person)
  • Provides the equivalent of a 2-4 day foundations of development course at only $195 a person and self-paced so as not to be a burden

The train-the-trainer programs and Lean-Agile online course work together to asssist organizations to create their own approach or to tailor existing ones.

Train the Trainer

The ability to have your own people train your teams is important for several reasons including:

  • The courses they teach will be taught in your own terms and with a deeper understanding of your company's strengths and challenges
  • Lower cost. You recoup your investment after only one delivery by your own staff.  The cost of the program includes the license fees no matter how many times you offer it for the first year.
  • If you are a global company, have the course taught in your people's native language by having someone from every country you are in be taught to be a trainer.
  • You get updates as we make them so the course materials improve without you investing in them.
  • Your trainers can use the training materials for just-in-time coaching as needed.

Learn more at the Train-the-Trainer In Team Agility program.

Coaching Academy: Team Level Track

Scrummaster training has become more about what Scrum is than how to be a coach in Scrum.  In any event, what is better than either Scrum or Kanban is an appropriate blend of the two.  Scrum is good for some places in an organization but must be complemented with proven Kanban practices.  Kanban is needed in parts of the organization that have difficulty creating cross-functional teams or takes direction from many different people (e.g., shared services such as business intelligence).  <

This coaching academy track combines how to coach Scrum, Kanban and Team Agility teams as well as how to adopt these frameworks and methods to your company.  This course is totally on-line with remote coaching from Net Objectives instructors. 

Learn more about the Coaching Academy here. Learn more about Team Agility here.

FLEX Essentials

Many of the challenges people have with Lean-Agile transformations is that they are not sure what they should do. Many jump to one-size-fits all approaches such as SAFe or LeSS.  Although companies do need to have a set method, there is no reason they can't readily create one based on their needs.  FLEX Essentials is essentially a 2-3 day course on Lean-Agile that provides a base for starting and a method for adjusting as your organization's skills in Lean-Agile methods grow.

Online Foundations of Sustainable Design

Sustainable Software Development: Foundations  of Sustainable Design is an online course that teaches the fundamental principles of software design. There are choices a developer can make that will make the software they write harder to maintain or extend and choices that will make it easier. This course helps developers make better choices for more longevity and flexibility in their code without introducing undue complexity.

This course addresses key questions in modern development such as how to design systems that have changeability as a fundamental quality and how the team can communicate effectively when a design is in a constant state of change.

Other Things

The Two Day Planning Event to Jump Into Agile

We do a 2-day planning event for both people doing SAFe and for those looking to become more Agile by making all of their work visible in just 2 days. We've enhanced the event by creating a better focus on quick value using minimum business increments, a clear way of making decisions when a team has requests from multiple teams and a more stream-lined way of breaking down features and stories.  You can learn more about how we do it here.

Podcast on Business Value the Forgotten Goal

The framework and process bug has hit so many companies that few people actually tie technology back to the strategies of the organization.  While there is a lot of lip service to this, few tell how. This is an integral part of our FLEX system.  Click here for the podcast.

Realtime Sailboat Game on SAFe®

I hear a lot of pros and cons about SAFe.  We are bronze partners for SAFe but we feel it needs a fair amount of extension. You can learn about this on our FLEX and SAFe page. If you want to participate in a public forum on how SAFe is working for people go here. Feel free to invite associates as they only need the URL to join.

Please let me know if you think we might be of any help. Always happy to chat.

Al Shalloway 

CEO, Net Objectives
SAFe® SPC Trainer
425-269-8991 @alshalloway

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