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If you are interested in Agile at Scale, particularly in SAFe, you should definitely attend our webinar series Tuning SAFe®.  It is focused around tuning SAFe but the topics are all useful to anyone doing Agile at scale as they all relate directly to common challenges we see in these endeavors - regardless of approach.  Most of the topics are useful for mid-scale development as well.

The first session begins on April 11th and discusses the 4 key issues that must be dealt with when working on Agile at scale.  We also have an SPC class in Seattle May 16-19th where we will discuss these issues as well.

SAFe® has been used successfully by many companies in many industries.  But success depends upon properly configuring it to work within your organization. This requires a deep understanding of SAFe as well as experience in implementing it in multiple situations. The series begins with an explanation of the issues that must be managed when transforming to Agile at scale. In later sessions, we explore particular issues in configuring SAFe that go beyond what is provided in standard SAFe courses.

Outline of the series, click to register:

  1. The Rationale of SAFe® (April 11)
  2. The Importance of Right-Sized Epics (April 17)
  3. Blending Kanban and Scrum (May 2)
  4. Built-In Quality with Test First (May 9)
  5. Configuring and Fine-Tuning Agile Release Trains (May 23)
  6. Managing Value Streams that Cut Across Multiple Programs (June 6)
  7. Architecture in SAFe (June 19)
  8. Leadership in SAFe (June 26)

Upcoming Seattle courses:

Implementing SAFe® 4.0 with SPC4 Certification May 16-19 by Martin Olson with Al Shalloway

Learn SAFe® in a deeper way with Net Objectives.  We integrate our 12 years of experience with Agile at scale into the standard SPC training to provide a deeper understanding of what is required for a successful SAFe transformation. We use two instructors to teach our courses.  Martin Olson, an experienced SPC trainer leads the course. Al Shalloway, a leading expert in Agile at scale with Lean also attends to provide a deeper understanding of the principles underlying the Lean-Agile framework.

Sustainable Test-Driven Development May 23-25 by Scott Bain

Unless developers are trained about which tests to write, how to write them, when to refactor code, and the techniques for breaking dependencies, testing can become unsustainable as projects mature. This class teaches how to make Test-Driven Development sustainable with a focus on deriving maximum value (technical and business) from minimal effort and cost.

Design Patterns for Agile Developers June 13-15 by Scott Bain

This class goes beyond mere teaching design patterns as solutions but teaches the thought process behind patterns.  The greatly improves your ability to design in a flexible manner - allowing for emergent design.  

All of our courses are taught by industry thought leaders and are very interactive.

Blogs and Events

Our latest blog, The Four Things You Must Do at Scale, is the basis for first topic of the webinar series.

On March 30, in the TriAgile 2017 session Using Business Value For Fun and Profit, Ken Pugh uses lecture and interactive exercises to explain how to estimate and track business value. On a larger scale, Ken shows business value as portfolio management tool for prioritizing feature development across a number of projects. By the end, you’ll be able to use business value to focus both the customers and the developers on the most important requirements.

Finally, if you are in Seattle or Charlotte and would like us to present a free seminar internally at your company, please let me know.

Al Shalloway 
CEO, Net Objectives
SAFe® SPC Trainer
425-269-8991 @alshalloway

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Mar 30 Conference: TriAgile 2017
Apr 11 - Jun 27 Webinar series: Tuning SAFe®
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May 16-19 Public Course in Seattle: Implementing SAFe® 4.0 with SPC4 Certification
May 23-25 Public Course in Seattle: Sustainable Test-Driven Development
Jun 13-15 Public Course in Seattle: Design Patterns for Agile Developers
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