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Talk tomorrow about Alignment on Business Value

I am giving an Expeditors Tech Talk tomorrow evening, Tuesday August 29, at Expeditors offices in downtown Seattle on Using Alignment on Business Value to Align Work.  Insufficient alignment across an organization is one of the biggest impediments to an effective Agile adoption. This interactive workshop will illustrate the reasons for lack of alignment and what to do about it.

Agile Product Management Symposiums in Seattle, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Orange County, and Norfolk

We gave our first Agile Product Management Symposium last week, August 22.  It went really well.  It focuses on the main issues of large scale product requirements and management  (click here for the general symposium information).  Here are what some people had to say about it:

- What a great combination of peers and activities to spark logs of new ideas and new ways to look at things!
- Gaining insight and understanding of real best Agile business practices and ideas will help me as a Scrum Master make better decision and help my team and company succeed.
- This was a great sharing experience with other Product Managers.
- The Symposium offers value-added visual exercises help to improve your Agile journey.

We are getting more symposiums scheduled.  These are unique, one-day events that will help anyone struggling with Agile product management or aligning business stakeholders or teams.  Click here for the general symposium information, click on the location below for event location and registration.

  • Milwaukee, September 19th.
  • Atlanta, October 15th. 
  • Orange County, November 14th. 
  • Norfolk, December 12. Registration not yet open.
  • other cities after these include Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Ft Lauderdale, Houston, Raleigh (let us know if you're interested in attending or having your company host one in your city).

The Agile Product Management Symposiums are designed to help you further your own understanding of how Agility can help your product management process, and also to help you implement improvements across your organization.  Each symposium is a one-day peer conference that brings together a select group of thought leaders and practitioners to share knowledge and advance the state of Agile product management.

The symposiums are structured around three topics that the consultants of the True North Consortium have found to be universally critical:

  • Understanding the relationship between business offerings and business capabilities and how this can be used to improve the methods of the organization
  • Identifying, sizing and sequencing the work to be done in order to facilitate alignment across the enterprise
  • Clarity on the roles required to manage all of this

The symposiums are peer conferences where people work together as both learners and teachers.   Several experts including myself, others from Net Objectives, Joseph Flahiff and Linda Merrick will be there.   Woody Zuill (of mob-programming and no-estimates fame) will likely be there but, at the moment it's only likely, not totally confirmed. 

For Those In San Diego or Los Angeles

This is more of a personal note.  I am moving my base location to Carlsbad in another couple of weeks.  I'll still be in Seattle one week a month, however.  If you're in Southern California and want to host a seminar for your company or your user group please let me know as it is easy for me to do these down there now.

Other Events

Bellevue, evening, September 5. Agile Product Management. Many organizations are still operating with a mixed collection of Agile and outdated traditional techniques, focused mainly on agile project and development task management. What has become apparent is that the we need to pay attention to product management instead, not in the project management sense, but in the business value realization sense.

San Diego, evening, September 14. Patterns of Agile Product Management. Too little emphasis on Agile Product Management has been made within companies adopting Agile.  Much of this is because although one-size-doesn't-all in general, it applies even more here.  It requires deep experience and extending the common starting points to be effective.  This interactive workshop discusses both patterns and anti-patterns to the issue of effective Agile Product Management.

Blog, Webinar Recordings and PDFs Available

Scott Bain wrote a blog about Decoupling from Concreteness and Abstractness.

If you need help with anything Agile (transformation, training, technical) please drop me a line. 

Al Shalloway 
CEO, Net Objectives
SAFe® SPC Trainer
425-269-8991 @alshalloway

Don't see one in your area? Let us know so we can see about scheduling one nearby!
Date Webinars, Seminars, Conferences, Symposiums
Aug 29 Seminar, Seattle: Using Alignment on Business Value to Align Work
Sep 5 Seminar, Bellevue: Agile Product Management
Sep 14 Seminar, San Diego: Patterns of Agile Product Management
Sep 19 Symposium, Milwaukee: Agile Product Management Symposium
Oct 15 Symposium, Atlanta: Agile Product Management Symposium
Nov 14 Symposium, Orange County: Agile Product Management Symposium
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