Using a One Day Event to get Teams to Flow

Much of the success of SAFe centers around it's program increment planning event. It accomplishes many things:

  • creates a great collaboration event - in the first one people meet each other often for the first time
  • dependencies across teams can be readily mapped with agreements on how they will be met being made
  • in two days the need for literally thousands of emails can be eliminated
  • release plans for the next three month can be made with reasonable accuracy

For organizations where many teams work together collaborative value is often worth it alone. However, many companies don't want to be tied to a 3 month release plan. In these cases, it is often desirable to do an event that gets the collaborative value done while moving to a more Agile flow model. To accomplish this, however, an understanding of Minimum Business Increments. MBIs are the minimum business increment for which value can be realized. This is an important concept on what to add value to. SAFe's program increment planning event focuses on sorting features. But features, in an other themselves, don't usually realize value for the customer but require other features to do so. By using MBIs, the planning event can be great accelerated and focus on story dependencies where everyone knows what's more important by attending to the ordering of the MBIs. See Why WSJF should be done on MBIs not features for more detail.

Because dependencies are mapped at the story level while prioritizing their importance to be met by ranking MBIs, it is possible to continue after this event on a pure flow model. This enables organizations to not depend upon these planning events if they don't want to.

This webinar will discuss how to run a planning event in 1 day or over 2 four-hour sessions.

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Jun. 5, 2018
9:00am to 10:00am
Cost: Free
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Net Objectives
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