Perfecting process is part of Lean-Agile (and apologies to iTunes folks)

October 18, 2006 — Posted by Jim Trott

One of the core principles of Lean-Agile is to perfect your processes. There is always room for improvement. Well, that is certainly the case with me! There is always more to learn.

One of Alan Shalloway's maxims is that "fixing bugs is not hard. finding bugs - now, that is hard. that is what takes all the time!" Several astute listeners pointed out to me that More...the links in iTunes have not working correctly lately. I didn't figure out why until today: I had ended up with multiple "enclosure" tags in my blog entries. The enclosure tag defines which MP3 file to download. Unfortunately, that means that the wrong ones had been selected.

I have just fixed the offending entries, and I hope that corrects it. The corrected posts are:

I hope that fixes it.

BTW, if you are the first to find an error in my podcasts or blog entries and let me know, my policy has been to send you a Net Objectives t-shirt as a thank you. So far, I've only had to send a couple, but they are all heart-felt! :-)

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