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Learning What You Don't Know From a Children's Story

December 14, 2012 — Posted by Al Shalloway

Years ago I read "The Garden" from Arnold Lobel's lovable children's book - Frog and Toad Together.

I always liked the lesson I took from that - that things are not always as hard as they appear.

I decided to read it at the beginning of my talk at Agile Denver's Lean-Agile Transformation - Integrating Systems Thinking into Enterprise Agile With the Lessons of Lean.

Before going on, please read the tale yourself:

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Make Your Scrum Agile

December 1, 2012 — Posted by Al Shalloway

There is no question Scrum is evolving, improving.  Like all Agile methods/frameworks/… it improves by seeing how well it works and adapting.  There are many practices that weren’t in the original Scrum definition that are now considered good starting practices. These include:

  • Agreeing on what a sprint ready story is
  • Agreeing on a definition of done
  • 1-2 week sprints (instead of the 30 days originally defined)

This blog will give you insights into how to accelerate the effectiveness of your Scrum adoption.

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There Are Many Ways to Effectiveness: Reflections on the European Lean-IT Summit

November 28, 2012 — Posted by Al Shalloway

I was at the European Lean-IT Summit in Paris last week.  It was a real pleasure.  The highlight for me was listening to Pierre Masai, Toyota Motor Europe’s CIO.  It’s been said that Toyota doesn’t do Agile in their IT organization.  It’s also been said that’s because they don’t attend to IT too much.  Not sure why I ever believed that.  Monsieur Masai devastated that myth.  In listening to his talk, it was clear that Toyota IT is very effective and not a step-child at all.  True, it may not be Agile, but it’s still effective. 

It was clear that,

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Why I Hate “Fail Fast” and “Good Enough”

November 17, 2012 — Posted by Al Shalloway

I’ll start by stating three things I believe.  I don’t know that I can prove any of these.  I “believe” them.  But I know a lot of other smart folks believe them. And a lot of some smart folks probably don’t.  So intelligence and logic cannot prove them. I believe them from experience:

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Insights from the 2nd Net Objectives Lean-Agile Conference

October 15, 2012 — Posted by Al Shalloway

We just completed our 2nd annual Lean-Agile Conference last week. I was happy to see that it was just about as well attended as last year.

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