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A Conference Like This Comes Around Every Five Years

August 21, 2013 — Posted by Al Shalloway

As many of you know I've been on the forefront of most of the Agile and Lean (I'll include Kanban in this) methods of the last 15 years. While I was at the early Scrum Gatherings where the Scrum community took form I admit having missed several watershed events.  The first true watershed event I attended I helped create -the 2009 Miami Lean/Kanban Conference.  David Anderson organized it while Net Objectives sponsored it to be the birthplace of the Lean Software and Systems Society that we both spearheaded.

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Defending SAFe

August 16, 2013 — Posted by Al Shalloway

I am not going to get embroiled in the current diatribes that Ken and David have been throwing SAFe's way. But after being asked by so many people about it, I decided I should at least respond to any material charges made.  Turns out there weren't many. 

Ken's Blog

I copied Ken's blog UnSAFe at Any Speed, into Word and removed the diatribe, personal attacks and his explanations about Scrum that didn't relate to SAFe and got only the following statements of dissent:

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Extending the Kanban Method

August 14, 2013 — Posted by Al Shalloway

This blog has been replaced by Extending the Kanban Method - Updated

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New Posting at SustainableTDD

August 14, 2013 — Posted by Scott Bain

There is a new posting at the www.sustainabletdd.com blog site.

Amir and I have been so busy in the past few months that we’ve not been able to do much work on the blogs or the book.  But, a window opened up and we’ve got some new ideas to share.  We’re calling them, collectively, TDD Mark 3, and we’ve written the first blog about it.  Take a look!


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Announcing the 3rd Generation of Lean-Agile

August 10, 2013 — Posted by Al Shalloway

A few years ago I called Kanban (by which I mean the term generally and not limited to the Kanban Method which I now call LKU Kanban) the 2nd generation of Lean-Agile.  I now realize we are already ready for the 3rd generation of Lean-Agile methods.  Let me explain.

Both Scrum and Kanban are based on Lean principles and practices to different degrees.  They pull from some common principles/axioms and add some things unique to themselves.  Scrum and Kanban both include:

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