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The Small Diet Coke: Coupling and Requirements

August 26, 2016 — Posted by Scott Bain

When considering the quality of a design one of the things we focus on is the coupling between entities.  Coupling is both necessary (you create a system’s behavior by coupling entities to each other for collaboration) and often problematic (excessive or illogical coupling produces unpredictable side effects when changes are made).

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Agile 2016: Games In The Agile Practice

August 25, 2016 — Posted by Tom Grant
For Agile games, the Agile 2015 conference was a breakthrough moment. Not only was the first keynote about games, but the odds were good that you encountered a game in at least one of the sessions. Agile disrupts the old rules of software innovation; serious games are tools that help with this disruption. The fit is natural.

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Case Study: ATDD Lets Team Frequently Release Software

August 24, 2016 — Posted by Ken Pugh

This is a report from a team at a leading financial company:

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Groupthink and Fear as Team Killers: A Conversation with Marc Danziger

August 18, 2016 — Posted by Jim Trott

Listen to the podcast Groupthink and Fear as Team-Killers: A Conversation with Marc Danziger.

Marc and Jim talk about the problems teams often face when no one on the team is willing to acknowledge challenges or are afraid to do so. In both cases, the team is far worse off. Lean and Agile teams are not immune to this Lean-Agile can make it less likely and a true Lean-Agile culture can make it never happen.

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Agile Says Respect People: Lean Shows How

August 13, 2016 — Posted by Al Shalloway
I think the reader will agree that saying “respect people” but then overloading them with work is not a form of respect.  Unfortunately, this happens all of the time in Agile implementations.  Despite the Agile Manifesto’s emphasis on “individuals”, in reality, if you don’t have processes that support and don't dis-empower people (they come pre-empowered), their lives in an “Agile” organization are likely not going to be any better than they were in a traditional hierarchical one. 

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