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Net Objectives Lean-Agile Project

The Lean-Agile Project is committed to creating an effective approach for organizations to deliver value with a software development component in it - for both IT organizations and software development organizations.

We believe an holistic approach, based on axiomatic principles can be developed that virtually all organizations can use. It requires providing both a reasonably defined starting point as well as a method of enhancing one's capabilities over time.

The essence of the project is to build an approach to developing software based on the principles underlying Lean, Scrum, Kanban and eXtreme Programming. Instead of being attached to any of them, we will build a method based on principles underlying them. Furthermore, an approach to helping teams learn to learn how to improve their methods, based on the Dreyfus model of learning, will also be created.


The Need for the Lean-Agile Project

Although the Agile movement has had a great impact on software development, there are clear patterns of challenge:

  • Many organizations are having challenges getting multiple teams to work together
  • Development groups that have difficulty creating cross-functional teams often implement Agile poorly given little guidance
  • Teams make initial strides only to stagnate later
  • Popular approaches have led to framework myopia with little insights on how to break free

Quick Overview of the Project

These three pages provide a quick overview of the Lean-Agile Project:

Lean Agile Project Manifesto . States the belief of those driving the project.

the approach to the Lean-Agile project. Explains the approach we are taking to provide value to the industry.

Defining a Lean-Agile Development process. Currently the main focus of the project.

Comments and Questions Re Content on Site

Only contributors can make changes to the site. Please ask any questions or contribute your views at the Yahoo LeanAgile Group.

We are currently exploring using Disqus instead. Will make this decision within a week or so.


Net Objectives has been an early proponent of most every Agile and Lean-Agile method (eXtreme Programming, Scrum, Lean, and Kanban) as well as many modern design/technical approaches (design patterns, emergent design, TDD, and ATDD/BDD). We had been hoping that:

  • an integrated approach to software development would emerge that was not based on the ability to provide certifications in it
  • an integration of software development management with software development technical practices would become part of popular methods

Unfortunately, neither of these key events has occurred. This project is an attempt to facilitate the emergence of both.

The Lean-Agile Project is sponsored by Net Objectives, a Seattle-based training/consulting company dedicated to helping organizations become more effective in their business initiatives that include software development (IT or product).

Al Shalloway, CEO of Net Objectives, has committed his and his company's resources to move this forward because of the opportunity such an accomplishment would create. Others have been asked to contribute so as to keep a broad perspective and to ensure an open community. Contributors can add to this site as they see fit. Net Objectives will fine-tune and resolve any differences of opinion. Beliefs not included in the main body of knowledge can be included in the comments.

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